Tips on finding a job through C&C

These days there are so many “POP UP” crew agents flooding the market, it’s almost impossible to keep track of agencies with whom you have signed up, checked in and updated profiles. It becomes a full time job in itself. Then you have to find time to dock-walk, network or attend interviews. As with any job being organised will help the process. We understand from a crew point of view that this can become cumbersome, and we have tried to create a system that is quick and easy for you to use. However, I can’t stress enough the importance of frequent pressing of the “check-in” button could be the difference between you finding work or not. Why not wake up half an hour earlier and start the “check-in” process? If your profiles are organised and you have kept them uploaded with all current information the morning check in will be relatively quick. There are two main reasons that it is so important to us that you check-in:

You can have a quick glance at the new positions and apply on-line.

As soon as we start our working day we can see who has checked in. The most recent crew to have checked in are right at the top of a very long list. During the busy recruiting seasons, with hundreds of crew checking in, you can be pushed several pages down very quickly.

Even if you are an experienced crew member looking for work always make contact with us, the agent, and make the effort to have a face-to-face interview where possible. This is a great way to build an on-going relationship. We get to find out what your requirements are in your search for that next placement, take good interview notes and possibly present you there and then for a position.

If we have previously placed you, make this a priority. It is very easy to help you again with a proven track record with a client; trust will have been built between you and us, we can work well together on your next placement.

Another thing we ask all crew to remember is to keep us up-to-date with current locations and phone numbers. We need to reach you quickly as jobs don’t stay around for long and we are often up against other agents who are using their own pool of crew. We are often calling old numbers that are no longer in use.

Location is hugely important. Clients will request a certain “recruiting area”, particularly throughout the winter season. If you are signed in as “in France” and the client has specified they will only employ from Antigua, you will lose out on being contacted for that role.

We regret that we do not accept resumes or updates by email; everything can be done in your on-line profile. There is even a new function for you to write a small, personal instant message to us agents in the offices.

Quick recap:

  • Free on-line registration.
  • Check your on-line profile frequently. Use your days and evenings to add any updates, new references, medical certificates etc.
  • Book an interview on completion of your registration with one of the Consultants in the UK or Palma.
  • Apply on-line for any of the positions for which you are suitable and qualified. The on-line application will suffice. Sending resumes by email as well as applying on-line is unnecessary.
  • It is very important to let us know if you have already been put forward for this position by another recruitment company or by any other method.
  • If the client expresses and interest in you, with your consent, we will proceed with the reference check procedure. Due to volume of applications if you are unsuccessful we may not always get back to you. We apologise for this.
  • Like most agencies in Europe and the US we expect you to dress smartly for any interviews with us or our clients. Wear minimal makeup and jewellery, smart, clean clothes. Bad breath is not desirable. Ensure you have clean nails and toe-nails as you will be asked to take your shoes off before you enter the vessel.
  • Crew and Concierge as an agency are happy to support “Newbies”. You will need the basics of an STCW95 to work with our agency. We have a good track record of developing new crew. You need to bring some good practical skills, a good work ethic and be willing to travel. We are always looking for crew who can offer us something extra.
  • If one of our Client’s yachts contacts you within a year of us sending your resume you are obliged to inform us.
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