Tips on finding a job through C&C

We understand that finding a role in yachting can be a task in itself, especially with the number of agencies available in the industry. We also want to make the process as easy as possible when working with us, so here’s some advice and some information on our process so you know what to expect.

Once registered, do reach out to introduce yourself to the agent that corresponds with the position/department you're looking for.

Apply Online. We review all applications but may lose track if you simply email us. Due to the number of applications, we can receive we do ask that you hold off messages or calls, and we will be in touch if everything suits!

Log in regularly. This brings you to the top of our searches and we know that you are available and actively seeking work.

Make sure your profile is up to date, especially with contact details and location. WhatsApp numbers are also important if it is different from your regular number. Certificates and qualifications are vital to have uploaded as well.

Be prepared for an interview. If you suit a position, we like to have a discussion with you regarding your previous experience, background and just a little about you.

Our Process

We will be in touch via phone if you suit a position and discuss the role with as much detail as possible. Do let us know if you’ve discussed the position with another agent or direct.

We then forward your CV, certificates, references and notes to the contact onboard.

Please do check in with us if you haven’t heard anything but do allow us time to receive feedback.

We will do our best to let you know the outcome of the position personally. However, we do also have a function which notifies you by email when a position closes.