Crew & Concierge

Head Office is in Bristol

About us

Sara Duncan

Director - Crew & Concierge Ltd

20 years ago Sara decided on a career change that took her to numerous exotic locations and introduced her to a number of different people. She started in the yachting industry as a Stewardess – along her travels she earned a great reputation and made a home for herself in Palma, Mallorca.

Sara took some time out from yachting to pursue a business venture but found the sea beckoned to her so she returned to Palma to work on various boats, now as a Sous-Chef or Sole Chef – she also catered for various regattas around the Balearics.

In 2006, Sara started a family so took the opportunity to work onshore to find crew for some of the very yachts that she had worked on and gained so much experience. In April 2007 'Crew & Concierge' was born. Over the next four years the company grew until in 2011 Sara opened her first office. 2013 was an exciting and busy year for all at Crew & Concierge, in the April C&C became a UK based Company with Sara moving back to set up shop in England, enabling her to build relationships with local Maritime schools and select some of the great seamen that the UK provides.

Over ten years on Sara still remains as committed as ever and still enjoys bringing clients and crew together. Since her initial move, Sara has relocated to the beautiful City of Bath and has become established with some new team members celebrating 10 years of successful crew placement and client relationships.

Megan Hazell

Recruitment Consultant - Engineering

Megan has over 5 years’ experience in recruitment, with 4 of those based in yacht crew recruitment.

She has a love for the industry and the people that she gets to work with every day. She also has experience recruiting for the offshore oil and gas industry as well as some IoT and Video tech knowledge, well equipping her to manage the engineering department.

In her spare time, Meg can be found cooking, shaking up a French martini or with a cup of tea in hand as well as spending time with family and friends. 



Barley Duncan

Head Morale Coach

Barley joined the Crew and Concierge team 2 years ago and has had a solid career in chasing squirrels and pigeons, side eye stares and going fishing in the office bins for anything edible (or not). She loves to sit on her throne (the Yellow guest chair) overseeing targets (cuddles all day) and getting the girls back on track when they get distracted by her cuteness. Her favourite hobbies are sleeping, jumping onto laps, tummy rubs, pulling socks off feet and running away from the wind. But most of all she loves licking the face of any human and making sure everyone has enough Barley love to go around.

Hope Joy-Smith

Recruitment Consultant - Interior Department

Hope joined Crew and Concierge with a background of experience working in recruitment.

Starting out as an Apprentice for an in-house Recruitment team within an International law firm before moving on to
candidate recruitment within the Educational sector. She has now all the experience she needs to become a successful Recruitment Consultant.

In her personal life, she loves spending quality time with her family and comes from a sporty background; competing at a national gymnastics level from a young age.

Courteney Shipp

Candidate Resourcer - Galley