CV Template

Here are some other main pointers to think about when designing your CV:

  • A clear image – You need to be clean and tidy, hair away from your face and a friendly disposition.
  • Up to date details – this is incredibly important. Current location, number or WhatsApp and a professional email address. This is a good place to include languages spoken and visas.
  • A concise but thorough profile or objective, detailing your background, experience and future goals. This is your chance to sell yourself.
  • Make sure you add detail to your positions, not only your role onboard but your responsibilities, really highlight what you can do as there could be a skill that would mean you match perfectly to a position. Also include cruising areas, charter/private, guest and crew size. Even the yacht size and build can be helpful.
  • References. These are key for us to follow up to bolster your application. There’s nothing better than a positive reference paired with a good CV.

What not to do:

  • Image – no suits, no sunglasses, no hats!
  • Information – No need for a full address. Keep everything as relevant as possible.
  • Design – Keep it fairly simple, boats can't always print off big blocks of colour. Keep the graphics minimal.

Our consultants are always happy to help and offer advice on your CV, and will work with you to make improvements.