CV Template

Preparing Your Yachting CV

When writing your CV in preparation for work on Super Yachts, it’s important to know we are looking for crew who are committed, prepared to work long hours, work hard, travel and expect little amounts of time off. Yachting is a very demanding and tiresome career so we are looking for someone who is resilient, has a great work ethic with a natural aptitude for going the extra mile.

Yachting is all about attention to detail and that needs to reflect in your professional résumé. The structure of your CV is crucial - it’s the first impression recruitment agents and clients will have of you, so make it count! Ensure all the margins are aligned, fonts are the same size and typeface, and check your spelling and grammar. It should be a maximum of two pages. 

Please include these things on your CV:

    Photographs should show a clear head and shoulders shot. Wear a smart shirt or polo neck if looking for a deck/interior role, and chefs whites for work in the galley. Men should be clean-shaven whilst women to wear minimal makeup. Hair should be tidy. Keep a pleasant demeanour.

  • Full name.

  • Contact details: phone number/s and professional email address.

  • Date of birth.

  • Nationality and passport details.

  • Languages spoken.

  • Visas.

  • Medical Certificates.

  • Driving Licence.

  • Marital Status.

Please download our CV template below for guidance.

In your professional profile or objective (one or the other, never both), you should include the following:

A clear understanding of the position you’re seeking - too many roles will make you look indecisive. Be clear about the type and size of vessel you prefer. Tell us about what you have to offer including previous experiences - this is your chance to sell yourself.

List yacht and any other relevant qualifications e.g. nurse, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, beauty therapist, massage therapist, diver, tutor etc.

List your previous yacht experience in the following format:

    Start date to end date

  • Position held

  • Private or charter

  • Cruising program

  • A detailed description of your role and what your duties included daily, how many crew you worked with or under, nationality of guests you have worked with, reasons for moving on.

Also include your previous experience in areas other than yachting.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies.

Include a list of references and their contact details.

Please note if you are transferring from a commercial background, we need to see a more yacht friendly résumé than you may be familiar with. Download our CV template below. 

Download CV Template Dockwalking Tips on Finding a Job Through C&C