Exceptional crew
for extraordinary craft

Who we are

Crew & Concierge is an International Recruitment Agency specialising in providing personnel for UHNW clients on both land and sea.

Who do we work with?

We combine our personal backgrounds in yachting, hospitality, recruitment and business to help HNWI’s, Owner’s representatives, Captains and Management Companies find the top calibre staff and crew in the industry.

In regard to land-based roles we have staffed Private Estates, Villas and Chalets around the world with everything from Estate managers, Personal Assistants and Butlers to Chauffeurs, Chefs and Nannies.

We also collaborate with pay-roll and finance management services FX specialists, yacht agents and training academies to ensure that we’re able to assist in any way we can for both clients and crew.

What do we do?

Our work as recruitment consultant’s balances on the notion that we deliver “exceptional crew for extraordinary craft”. Since 2006 we have worked with repeat clientele who have used us for our exceptional service from start to finish. We’ve continued to grow and have a presence worldwide. We specialise in identifying key needs and requirements of our clients and working with crew to establish the best fit for everyone.

How do we do this?

We have an advanced, bespoke database with over 30,000 crew from around the world which can target specific departments, skills and qualifications.

We have personal consultants who are dedicated to a department, so communications are stress free and simple.

Personal interviews are conducted with each vetted applicant, with an individual write up of their experience and the interviewee’s personal opinion of their suitability. We follow up on references and gain a real insight into a crew member’s background and experience. We realise that they don’t go home at 5pm but are integrated into a high-pressure environment 24/7.

We are an MCA Certified Recruitment and Placement Agency complying by the rules of the MLC 2006 convention.